Single School Board System

PRISM Single School Board is a proven safe and secure student registration and management solution for educational institutions (face-to-face and eLearning compatible). The system adheres to a strict student privacy policy and supports managing basic student information, creation and management of classes (with waitlists), sharing of students from all schools within a school board, multiple user levels (students, parents, guidance, teachers, DeLC, principal, etc), complex reporting for administration analysis, marks system, and utilizes push technology for updating specific users of any changes to a student’s marks, progress, or registration status. PRISM also integrates well with Desire2Learn’s Learning Management System (LMS) and many Student Information Systems currently in use. We have also created a public API to provide an extra layer of security for educational institutions who wish to create an internal web service that can communicate with PRISM to authenticate and encrypt the student data being transferred.


Single School Board System Benefits / Features

Online Registrations and Email Notifications

Finally eliminate paper applications and mailing reports with PRISM’s online registration capability and email notifications of registrations, drops, progress updates, and course marks.

Adult Education Ready

If you are offering courses for Adult learners PRISM includes the functionality to create your own flexible Adult education modules with unique start dates and completed dates.

Global Reporting

PRISM provides in depth reporting for each school, school board and across the set of school boards for global data analysis. Reports include enrollment summary, reasons students enroll and drop out of a course, success rates, attrition rates and student traffic.

Student Information System Integration

PRISM easily integrates with many common student information systems via CSV files or API integration. We will ensure student data can be easily transferred to PRISM for program/course registration across all your school board’s schools.

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